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Ask Australia's customers either do not have fieldwork facilities, or require outsourced services due to overload of their own facilities.

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Telephone Interviewing

Ask Australia’s primary function is information (data) gathering by means of telephone interviewing. Our staff has extensive experience in all forms of telephone interviewing.

Quantitative Research

For questionnaire based quantitative studies we can provide up to 60 telephone interviewers working on a project at one time using CATI + TPPD systems.

Focus Group Recruiting

Our particular expertise in Focus Group Recruiting is in delivering “fresh faces” to your Focus Group. We do not use databases of “groupies” or recycle other clients’ group participants. Our group participants are recruited “from scratch” through initial telephone contact, participant pre-qualification, and through follow-up reminder contact.

Research Prospect Canvassing

This is a process in which large sections of a population (indeed potentially the entire population) is “canvassed” for suitability for inclusion in a research study. The actual research may not be conducted at the time of identification of the target. Instead the willingness (or otherwise) of the respondent to participate in the proposed research is identified and provided to the client for further action using face-to-face, mail, or telephone interviews.

It must be stressed, however, that Research Respondent Canvassing cannot be used as a precursor to any form of sales or marketing activity and all follow-on research must be conducted within the appropriate requirements of the Code of Ethics for Market Research, the Privacy Act and other requirements to protect the respondent and the integrity of the process.

Language Services

Specialist language services are available using conference call connections to NAATI accredited interpreters. This service should be adopted for circumstances where the results of the research are sensitive to the inclusion of Non-English speakers in proportion to their distribution within the target population.

In-Depth, Expert and Executive Interviews

We have a select group of Interviewers who have expertise in conducting open form interviews which require the Interviewer to follow lines of questioning which arise during the interview and to probe in areas of significance to the research. These interviews are usually heavily pre-qualified and conducted by appointment either over the phone or face to face.

Survey Validation

We have experience in re-interviewing respondents to check validity of results and methodologies employed. Samples of all fieldwork are validated as part of our on-going Quality Management Programme. In addition validation can be useful where the results of research may give rise to litigation, or are proposed to be used for the purpose of supporting litigation or other commercial claims.