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About Us

Ask Australia's customers either do not have fieldwork facilities, or require outsourced services due to overload of their own facilities.

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Ask Australia employs approximately 150 Market Research Interviewers and Team Leaders. Employment conditions are governed by the NUW and AMSRO Market Research Industry Agreement.

Current rates of pay are:

Market Research Interviewer: $26.70
Team Leader: $29.12

We are always interested in hearing from job seekers interested in being trained as Research Interviewers or who are already trained. If you would like to apply for work please telephone us and speak to the Research Manager, Darcy Werner or the Field Manager, Sheila Renfrey. If neither is available, please leave a telephone message and we will call you (yes, truly). Please do not send us email applications.

Employment Contact Phone Number: (08) 6323 8199