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About Us

Ask Australia's customers either do not have fieldwork facilities, or require outsourced services due to overload of their own facilities.

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Call Centres

Ask Australia’s Call Centre has a capacity for 60 Telephone Research Interviewers. The Centre has state of the art telephony systems with full Computer-Telephony Integration and 100% failover redundancy.

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing

All telephone interviewing is conducted using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software to ensure that all interviews are conducted in exactly the manner intended by the Client and Researcher and with high levels of data capture validation during actual interviewing.

Third Party Power Dialling

The CATI systems are connected to an automatic Third Party Power Dialling (TPPD) system for maximum productivity of interviewers and fully automated sample management. Interviewers are not required to enter or dial phone numbers; the system automatically dials the required phone number and then screens out disconnected and engaged numbers and presents a live call to the Interviewer.

Compared with a CATI system which is not integrated with TPPD the productivity improvement is approximately 25%. Compared with ?pencil and paper? and manual dialling the productivity improvement of CATI + TPPD is greater than

Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring is available for training and quality assurance purposes subject to agreement by the Respondent. Call Recording is available for in-depth and free form interviewing conducted by Executive Interviewers.